The Spring Play, scheduled for April 28, 29 & 30 has been postponed.



School District News

May 4, 2017 ~ Vol. 12, Issue 17

Is now available on the school website


Think Spring! 

Track season is approaching and it is again time to solicit your help in administering the meets. As you are aware it takes a multitude of volunteers to ensure each meet runs efficiently. Therefore, I am asking for your assistance to make each one a class act. 

Home track meet dates are listed below. Please check the ones you can work and indicate the event you would like to work. I cannot promise that you will be assigned to that event, but I will certainly attempt to fulfill your desires. 

Yes, I will work (check all that apply) 

______ Tues. May 2 – Middle School Invitational – JH G/B 8 Teams 

______ Fri. May 5 – JH South Central Conf. Meet – 7 JH G/B (7th & 8th Grade Divisions) 

______ Thurs. May 11 – State Qualifying Meet- HS Boys & Girls 24 Total Teams 

Please fill out and return to Curt Johnston or you can email responses to curt.johnston@rocketsk12.org   

Thanks for your cooperation 

Name __________________________ 

Event Desired____________________ 

Events include:

  • Shot put, Discus, Long Jump, High Jump, Timer/Picker, Setting up/Removing Hurdles

Track Workers Request 2017.doc


The Eddyville Little League is looking for students who may be interested in volunteer time to help the league.

LL Volunteer Hours.docx


Check out the Calendar of Events (located at the top of website)



These behaviors are NOT acceptable at activities:  

Disrespectful conduct, including profanity, obscene gestures or comments, offensive remarks of a sexual nature, or other actions that demean individuals or the event.  Penalty – EJECTION  

Throwing articles onto the contest area.  Penalty – EJECTION  

Entering the contest area in protest or celebration.  Penalty – EJECTION  

Physical confrontation involving contest officials, coaches/directors, contestants or spectators.  Penalty – EJECTION 

Spectator interference with the event. Penalty – EJECTION 

Jumping up and down on the bleachers.  Penalty - Warning/EJECTION 

Use of artificial noisemakers, signs, or banners. Penalty - Warning/EJECTION 

Chants or cheers directed at opponents. Penalty - Warning/EJECTION