We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Mahaska Communications Group (MCG) to live stream events through the world wide web.  To view a listing of the events that will be broadcast go to our home website - www.rocketsk12.org and click on Watch Live. 

The attached document explains how to access the site in greater detail.  


Watch Live - EBF Games.docx 


      Check out the EBF Calendar/Schedules

(located at the top of website)



These behaviors are NOT acceptable at activities:  

Disrespectful conduct, including profanity, obscene gestures or comments, offensive remarks of a sexual nature, or other actions that demean individuals or the event.  Penalty – EJECTION  

Throwing articles onto the contest area.  Penalty – EJECTION  

Entering the contest area in protest or celebration.  Penalty – EJECTION  

Physical confrontation involving contest officials, coaches/directors, contestants or spectators.  Penalty – EJECTION 

Spectator interference with the event. Penalty – EJECTION 

Jumping up and down on the bleachers.  Penalty - Warning/EJECTION 

Use of artificial noisemakers, signs, or banners. Penalty - Warning/EJECTION 

Chants or cheers directed at opponents. Penalty - Warning/EJECTION