You can now access all home baseball & softball games by going to www.muscovision.com to view a game in progress or to view games in the past (starting June 24th).  


EBF Youth Football Signups for Fall Season ’19.

Season is tentative Aug 19-Oct 12

Signup Deadline:

Sign up at www.ebfrocketcamps.com

$100 registration fee


EBF Youth Football Camp

July 22-24 6-7:30pm

Sign up at www.ebfrocketcamps.com

$35 registration fee


EBF schools would like to invite families to use a new communication method for the district! 

The EBF district calendar has been uploaded into the  "Notify Me" South Central  Conference Calendar. In four easy steps, families can sign-up to receive email and/or text notification for EBF district activities and event changes. 

To sign up: 
1. Go to southcentralconf.org or download the mobile App  Notify Me 
2. Create an account with an email and password 
3 Provide your personal information, phone number, and cell phone provider. 
4. Select all the activities you would like to receive notifications or reminders for. 

(You can select if you want notifications for schedule changes, and how soon you want a reminder before an event) 

Please see attachment for more information.

EBF Activity Calendar Instructions.pdf


       Admission Prices 2018-2019 School Year

Varsity Football Games - $5 - all students/adults
JV Football Games - $3 all students/adults
All other varsity contests will be $5 adults and $3 students
JH/9th/JV contests - $4 adults and $2 students
HS Band/Choir Concerts - $3 adults & $2 students
JH Band/Choir Concerts - $2 adults & $1 students
**We encourage those individuals that will be attending several events to purchase an activity card.  Activity Cards can be purchased at the following rates:
Elementary Student - $30
JH/HS Student - $40
Single Adult - $90
Adult Couple - $150
A 50% discount on 4th child activity card purchased
Seniors - age 60 and over can receive a free activity pass - please notify the HS office and a Golden Age Pass will be made for those individuals.


Check out the EBF Calendar/Schedules

(located at the top of website)



These behaviors are NOT acceptable at activities:  

Disrespectful conduct, including profanity, obscene gestures or comments, offensive remarks of a sexual nature, or other actions that demean individuals or the event.  Penalty – EJECTION  

Throwing articles onto the contest area.  Penalty – EJECTION  

Entering the contest area in protest or celebration.  Penalty – EJECTION  

Physical confrontation involving contest officials, coaches/directors, contestants or spectators.  Penalty – EJECTION 

Spectator interference with the event. Penalty – EJECTION 

Jumping up and down on the bleachers.  Penalty - Warning/EJECTION 

Use of artificial noisemakers, signs, or banners. Penalty - Warning/EJECTION 

Chants or cheers directed at opponents. Penalty - Warning/EJECTION