A message from the EBF Transportation Dept.

In response to challenging weather and hazardous travel conditions in the district, the EBF Transportation Department has developed a Hard Surface Transportation Plan.  On Monday, January 28, the EBF Board of Education met with the EBF Director of Transportation and district families at a special board meeting to discuss this plan.

The board motioned and approved the proposal.


EBF Hard Surface Transportation Plan
At times, EBF district gravel roads become unsafe or inaccessible for school bus travel. In the event that road conditions are unsafe for school buses, the EBF district will announce that Hard Surface Bus Routes will be used.  That announcement will be:

o   Sent out via the Infinite Campus All Call System
o   Posted on the website www.rocketsk12.org and district social media pages
o   Sent to media partners.


  •  We will pick up and drop off students at intersections of designated gravel and paved roads. (Maps & Routes will be available next week)
  •  If you live on a paved road and use bussing, we will pick up your student(s).  Arrival times may change.  Bus drivers will contact all bus families with estimated arrival times at stops.
  •  If  Hard Surface Bus Routes are used in the morning, they will be used in the afternoon during dismissal.
  •  Routes will be completed as possible in the towns of Kirkville and Cedar.  
  • A map outlining the routes and stops will be distributed to district families in hard copy and email. The map will also be published in the Rocket, the EBF district website, and linked to the district Facebook pages.

Please Note:

  • Should you not be able to transport your student(s) to hard surface stops, student absences will NOT be counted against them if you contact your school office with an explanation of the problem.


  • During dismissals, students will NOT be left at hard surface drop-off points unless a designated pick-up person is there.  If no one is there, students will be brought back to the school or bus garage and parents will be required to pick them up as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and working together with us to keep kids safe!
If you have questions, please contact the EBF Transportation Department (641)969-4248.


2018-2019 School Year

Welcome to another great school year! We hope you had a relaxing 
summer. At the Bus Garage, we are busy creating our routes.  Bus drivers 
will contact bus families, with estimated arrival times, before the 
first day of school.  As we start to get ready, I would like to take a 
moment to review important transportation information: 

Who do I call? 
Morning Pickup changes - If your student will not be riding, please notify your bus driver or call the Transportation Dept. at: 641.969.4248 
Afternoon dismissal changes - Please contact your building secretary at least one hour before school dismissal. 
Open Enrolled families: A responsible person must be at the pick-up and drop-off location daily. Open enrolled students WILL NOT be left alone at the open enrollment bus stops. If you are questioning whether you will make it to the stop in time, please call the Transportation Dept. so we can contact your child’s driver.  
Lost Items - please contact your bus driver or building secretary. 

As the weather changes: We live in Iowa - that means that the weather can change very quickly, please remember the following: 

  1. Arrive at the stop a minimum of 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

  2.  Give the bus 15 minutes past drop off time before calling your building secretary or Transportation Dept. 

  3. Make sure your child has dressed appropriately for the weather if they have to wait outside or walk any distance.

  4. Inclement weather delays will be sent to families via the ALL CALL system, text, email, social media, local radio and television stations.  Please watch for these changes.

When at the schools:  

Please remember to not park in the designated bus loading zones. When we 
cannot pull our buses into those zones, we cannot drop off and pick up 
students.  Even if you think you will only be a moment, please park in 
the vehicle parking lots. Thank you!  

EBF Transportation Director 
David Keeton