Our emergency communications systems.

Should an unexpected event occur during the school day, our top priority is keeping your children safe.

In order to focus our attention on student safety during a district-wide emergency, communication efforts will be coordinated at the district level.  During an actual emergency, we urge families to please avoid telephoning the district or coming to the school until you are notified dismissals have resumed.  

In the event of true emergency, we will do our best to keep you informed in a timely manner, especially if there will be early or delayed dismissal times, changes in transportation, or differences in your child’s instructional day.  

Throughout the course of an emergency, we will use the following methods to communicate with you.

Infinite Campus Emergency Messenger - Voice, text, Parent Portal Account and Email - We will provide updated information as needed to all family and emergency contact telephone numbers in the form of voice calls, texts, emails and messages to your Infinite parent portal.  This method may be used district-wide or specific schools.

Facebook - (EBF Elementary Schools, EBF Jr/Sr High, and Eddyville Blakesburg Fremont Child Care Center) Messages will be posted as quickly as possible to our Facebook pages. You do not have to sign up for Facebook to view these pages; however followers will receive instant updates in their newsfeeds.

Website - (www.rocketsk12.org) District-wide messages and updates are posted on the district web page

Local News Media - When appropriate, we will make information available to local television and radio stations and will enlist their assistance in communicating with our families and communities.

Every day we strive to provide learning in a safe, secure environment; however, we do plan for the unexpected.  Planning ahead is our best safeguard.  Thank you for partnering with us to keep our schools safe.