Image of a referee's whistle


The Iowa High School Athletic Association released an Op-Ed recently regarding the effects of behavior being observed at their events across the state of Iowa. The Op-Ed outlines the consequences beyond the effects on the individual game being played. It is a significant factor in the shortage of officials. Link to IHSAA Op-Ed.

EBF feels the crunch in the ability to hire coaches and officials. We are under staffed in this fall’s athletic programs. The officiating shortage is very noticeable when the crew working an event is smaller than normal or you see Mr. Johnston as a referee. Mr. Johnston is refereeing because no other officials were available. It is very likely in the near future individual competitions or seasons will not occur if the severe downturn in coaches and officials continues.

If you are interested in becoming an official or earn your coaching authorization, please contact Athletic Director - Mr. Johnston or Superintendent - Mr. Williamson. We believe in the Growth Mindset at EBF. Anyone can learn enough about an activity to have a positive effect on the students participating.