EBF Redistricting Board of Directors

Following the 2020 Census

Proposals' Links

Proposal 1

Most straight forward approach.  Removed the population in District 4 and placed that population in District 5.

Proposal 2

This proposal is county and precinct friendly.  Population in District 4 in the northeast area is moved to District 2.  District 2 has a population south of the county line east of Eddyville moved into District 5.

Public Comments Link

You may enter comments at the link above regarding Board of Directors re-districting.

EBF Required to Re-District Board of Directors

After every federal census school districts are required to analyze their Board Districts if they have district representatives instead of at-large representatives. If there is a variance greater than 10% between any two districts the school district is required to re-district the Board of Director districts.

From the 2020 census the populations located in District #4 (784) and District #5 (642) had a variance of 22%. This triggered the mandatory re-districting of the Board of Directors.

The two proposals to the left will create variances that are within the 10% limit for all Districts.

The current proposals do not change the district representatives. If a board member's address had placed them outside their current district of representation an election for that district would be necessary.

Interesting data from the 2020 census. The population of the EBF district increased from 4,054 to 5,085 people. Yet the student resident count has decreased slightly. There have been 300 new homes built within the school district too

Community members are able to provide written comments for the Board of Directors regarding the 2 re-districting proposals. The form to enter your comments in linked here: Public Comments.